A program of proven methods to improve your heart health.

Your Health Coach


You get an experienced health coach who coaches you one-on-one and guides you through the proven curriculum. Reach out to your health coach any time for support and questions.

Health Sensors


To help you track your progress, you will get a Fitbit wearable and either a Withings scale or a blood pressure cuff. You get to keep these devices for the duration of the program.  The health sensors cost extra. 

Personalized Exercise Plan


Your health coach designs a personalized exercise plan for you that fits your daily life. Then, the health coach helps you follow through on the plan, and updates it as you make progress. 

Nutrition Counseling


You get personalized nutrition advice and stress reduction coaching that fits your needs. For example, your health coach will send you recipes based on your tastes. 

Pine Health is for you if

You have any chronic health condition, or want to improve your overall health to avoid getting a chronic condition. Our health coaches specialize in helping people reclaim their life from chronic conditions.

Who we are

You'll be working directly with a passionate and talented team from MIT and Harvard Medical School. The team is 100%  focused on helping you achieve your health goals. 

The Science Behind Pine Health

The Pine Health curriculum is based on decades of proven medical research on the best ways to achieve long-term heart health: 

Khera, A.V., et al. "Genetic Risk, Adherence to a Healthy Lifestyle, and Coronary Disease." New England Journal of Medicine, 2016.

Researchers showed that a healthy lifestyle can offset a person's genetic predisposition to heart disease. Read the paper here

"Much evidence has also shown that persons who adhere to a healthy lifestyle have markedly reduced rates of incident cardiovascular events. Among participants at high genetic risk [of heart disease], a favorable lifestyle was associated with a nearly 50% lower relative risk of coronary artery disease than was an unfavorable lifestyle."

Sacks, F. M., et al. " Effects on Blood Pressure of Reduced Dietary Sodium and the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) Diet." New England Journal of Medicine, 2001.

Researchers showed that both a low-sodium or a DASH diet are highly effective (and even more effective when done together) ways at reducing high blood pressure. The blood pressure benefit of these dietary changes is greater than that of any hypertension drug. Read the paper here. 

"The combined effects on blood pressure of a low sodium intake and the DASH diet were greater than the effects of either intervention alone and were substantial. In participants with hypertension, the effects were equal to or greater than those of single-drug therapy"

Researchers reviewed the proven benefits of exercise and nutritional counseling on mortality, slowing of heart vessel blockages, and reducing hospitalizations.

"The benefits of cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention are broad and compelling. Controlled trials of exercise after myocardial infarction, reported in the 1980s, have demonstrated reductions in overall mortality and in mortality from cardiovascular causes. Trials of exercise combined with nutritional counseling have demonstrated a slowing of the atherosclerotic process and decreased rates of subsequent coronary events and hospitalization"

Ades, P.A. "Cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention of coronary heart disease." New England Journal of Medicine, 2001.

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